Arctic adventures
on an icebreaker

Bucket list adventures

IceTugs Explorer offers you adventure tours with the Icebreaker Argus in the Arctic – experiencing the extremes of Greenland and Iceland’s nature.

Sailing along the coast and in the icefjords of Greenland, among magnificent icebergs and majestic whales while enjoying onboard comfort.


Cruise with us on an icebreaker - expeditions to some of the most remote places

Special Tours

Sailing along the coasts of Iceland and Greenland, going ashore in the most remote places, is a genuinely unique bucket-list experience.

Every day aboard Argus is an adventure.

Comfortable Accommodation

The high standard of accommodation aboard Argus is quite rare in this part of the world. You can experience amazing Arctic activities and explore spectacular nature, while looking forward to comfort aboard Argus after each amazing day.

Amenities on board

Argus has been modified in order make your stay on board as comfortable and pleasant as possible. A great place to enjoy great food, drinks, and relaxation in a warm and friendly environment.

The Bar
Drinks in the bar lounge, hot tub, or on the deck are perfect after a great adventurous day.
Deck hot tub
Jumping in the hot tub and or the jet pool on the deck is a great way to relax after the action during the day.
The Deck
Every day on board the Argus is an adventure. The Deck is offers great view, on board activities and relaxsation.


You’ll find all sorts of ways to fill your days onboard Argus. Every day and night brings something new to do, see and explore from very easy and relaxing activities to action-filled adventures that boost your adrenaline.

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