Disko Bay adventures

The amazing Disko Bay of Greenland

Greenland has many hidden gems of nature, and Disko Bay is one of them. A place you must visit and experience the extremes of nature as you sail by huge icebergs and witness glacier break into the sea. You have a significant chance of watching whales up close among the icebergs. 

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Cruising onboard Argus by the west costs of Greenland from Narsarsuaq to the Disko Bay area is unique adventure.

Stunning scieneries of natures pure beauty and power. 

Every day on board Argus is a true adventure.

The Highlights:

If you want to experience the extreme beauty of Greenland in comfort with a small group this is the tour for you. 

Furthermore, if you are excited to see whales and Icebergs up close this is definitely a tour for you.

For many, the opportunity to see the gentle giants of the sea around the icebergs is one of the highlights. Humpback whales are common to see, but also a significant change in spotting other types of whales, big and small.

We have a chance of spotting polar bears swimming or on an iceberg. Seals are common, and wild birdlife can be fun to watch from the ship and onshore. When ashore, we can expect to spot foxes and other animals.

You will go on cruises in RIB and Zodiac boats in the ice fjords among the giant icebergs. We will go for short hikes ashore and have a picnic.

You can expect to experience much more, like the sound of the icebergs cracking up, and you can enjoy all that in comfort aboard Argus. We offer a single cabin, a twin cabin, and suites for accommodation.

To make your stay on board Argus more enjoyable, we have great amenities like a hot tub, jet pool, gym, bar, and our chef’s great food. Our chefs also focus on taking you on an adventure when it comes to food. You can have the freshest fish and other seafood, delicate dishes with a game from the areas we tour by, Icelandic lamb, and other great courses.

Our crew offers service on regular hours, but you can get a drink whenever you want from our honesty bar. We encourage you to go behind the bar and make yourself a glass with million-year-old ice that you break off a large piece of an iceberg on the bar.

Awailable Tour Dates 2024


  • Double cabin sea view
  • Superior single cabin
  • Owners cabin
  • Single suite cabin

Terms & Conditions

All activities and nature experiences like whale watching, spotting Icebergs, and Northern lights depend on weather and seaice conditions.

Distances, duration, and difficulty are estimated and can vary between groups.

Available extras are not included and are dependent on availability and must be booked in advance.



Tour overview

Group size

Max 12 persons

Minimum age

16 years




On ship - cabin

Tour departures

May and June 2024


7 days


Kastrup Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq

Sailing from

Narsarsuack Greenland

Sailing to

Narsarsuaq Greenland


Narsarsuaq to Kastrup Copenhagen

Sailing distance




Tour briefing


Not included

Available extras




The planet

Love our planet. Our mission is to make our tours as light for the planet as possible. We neutralize our Carbon footprint by. Nothing is left behind and everything that is disposed of is done so an environmentally friendly way.

The places

Where ever we go, we ensure everything is as it was before we came. We leave nothing behind and walk lightly, leaving n marks in nature. 

The people

We work and trade as much as possible with locals. It is important to us to assist the people to prospect in their harsh environment.

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